2016 business projects by the Bachelor programme students

Over a three month period our Bachelor students needed to come up with a business innovation and map out an entire business plan to support their idea. With the help of their school mentor, Associate Professor Jennifer Takhar, the students developed projects that aim to bolster Paris as a city brand and highlight France’s potential for innovation.

Please congratulate our 2016 business project students!

This year’s Bachelor 1st year business project students came up with some highly creative and interesting innovations


Silver Tab

An easy-to-use digital frame that allows seniors tovisualiseimages and messages from their nearest and dearest.

  • Elisa, Solène, Elodie, Deborah, Enzo
The Energy Case

A light-weight lap top case with incorporated battery to recharge your computer.

  • Aurélie, Clotilde, May, Elvina, Nada
Shop earntime

Anonlineclothes purchasing service. Consumers sign up, enter their vital stats and then shop with partner brands.

  • Julie, Julie, Gabriel, Onis, Cécile



A unique application allowing consumers to celebrate and showcase their love on le Pont des Arts.

  • Mathieu, Florian, Morgane, Michael, Arthur
Apply Make-up Everywhere

A convenient plastic, portable make up unit, includes mascara, lipstick and foundation.

  • Nolwenn, Alice, Julien, Anthéa, Maryna

A newappthat makes exam revision easier, faster and more enjoyable through an integrated mind-mapping feature.

  • Sébastien, Jules, Pedro, Hugo, Maxime



Contact jtakhar@novancia.fr for more information about the above innovations