A word from the Director of International Affairs

Strong international alliances have helped build and consolidate the School’s know-how

Over the last twenty years international and intercultural issues and concepts have been central to the educational approach at Novancia.

Strong international alliances have helped build and consolidate the School’s know-how, with to date 90 international partners exchanging students and faculty with Novancia. This exchange policy is wholly supported by the School’s teaching approach and philosophy which emphasizes the importance of language learning, fosters respect for and recognition of diversity in the vast majority of courses and encourages meaningful academic and professional expatriation. More specifically, many teachers emphasize and integrate an international and inter-regional dimension in the teaching of the School’s two core fields : commerce and entrepreneurship.

The International Affairs department strives to ensure that the relationships between students, their teachers and their fellow students run as smoothly and as satisfactorily as possible during their trips abroad. We help, support and guide students to ensure their international profile will be consistent with their management area of choice. With each class of students and through the double-degree system offered by the School, young « Novancians » show themselves to be increasingly keen to develop international projects and attract young people, companies and networks from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds. They all know that to become the business developers of tomorrow they will have to be able to demonstrate their ability to transfer and apply trends and economic models from one world region to another. Under their stewardship, Paris will continue to be a major player in the commercial and entrepreneurial globalisation of tomorrow.

The School’s international programme is comprehensive in its scope. « Novancians » and the students from our 90 partner schools together can opt for exchange programmes within the English-language international tracks of our Bachelor or Master programmes. The Pass-World entrance exam gives Master students from all over the world access to the International Business track for two consecutive years. The MSc in International Business Development & Consulting enables students to pursue two post-graduate level degrees at Novancia and at one of our six partner schools belonging to IBSA (International Business School Alliance). Lastly, the School also offers six ‘tailor-made’ programmes to students wishing to add to their commercial or entrepreneurial knowledge over a period of two weeks or a month, while taking the opportunity to discover Paris at the same time.

Dr Renaud Redien-Collot
Director of International Affairs, Novancia