Develop Corporate Research Partnerships

Provide students with Business Development Projects

A good way for your company to:

  • promote your image,
  • help students to develop project management skills,
  • teach students how to work with professional representatives.

These projects may include:

  • carrying out market surveys
  • organising trade fairs
  • representing your company in professional exhibitions
  • researching fundraisers, sponsors
  • drafting a new business plan…

Support students’ projects

Students manage many projects during their academic year. Some of them require funds and sponsorship.

A good way for companies to promote their image, market their activities and business assets is by sponsoring students’ projects or offering them promotional gifts for networking events.

You may become a supporter of their projects in charity, networking event or special events.

Benefit from the expertise of the Research Team of Novancia

If Business Development is the core programme of Novancia, it seems to be a major issue for companies worldwide.

Academic research is useful to the development of companies: solving problems, designing new essential business and strategic prospects.

By playing a relevant role in the main field of business development within the French academic and business community, Novancia encourages Companies to benefit from the global expertise of its Research Team.

The direction of research of Novancia offers companies the opportunity to:

  • share its research fields in Entrepreneurship and Commerce
  • get research publications
  • participate in research conferences
  • attend the Annual International Biennale on Commercial Negotiation
  • provide Novancia with research opportunities on specific business development problems they have to cope with.

What Corporate Research Partnerships may you build up with Novancia?

For example, you may propose:

Case study for Students

A Case study is an approach of research that would help students to develop knowledge on a specific subject, analytical and creative skills, generating new hypotheses for companies’ development.

Creation of a Research Chair

A Research Chair represents a great opportunity to share thinking, academic and business research and exploration, knowledge, innovation and expertise, in relevant areas as Entrepreneurship and Commerce.