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International Week for students & partners

Novancia is holding the fourth of its "International Week" from February 1st to 5th on the topic of "Innovation and Territory". This intensive week has a dual purpose as it brings together students and faculty from Novancia’s partner institutions with second year students from Novancia and faculty from the institution.

Students’ Intercultural Seminar

This programme aims at providing an interculturally oriented introduction to Spring Semester for Bachelor students from Novancia and its partner universities.

The main objective of this Intercultural Seminar is to build awareness of intercultural competency, thus enabling learners to become operational in a global environment.


  • Discover the importance of Intercultural Communication
  • Use various intercultural concepts actively in order to set up their Intercultural action plan
  • Work in a multi-cultural team and get results
  • Share information and guarantee a good communication flow whilst working on their project
  • Use the English language as a communication tool to get their message across
  • Make a clear & persuasive oral presentation in English
  • Set up an intercultural strategy with their team in order to capitalize and/or expand the network of International partners thanks to the implementation of their intercultural communication action plan

Focus 2016: Territory and International Trade.

This year, the keynote address on "Territory and International Trade" was given by Arnaud du Bocage, Senior Manager at BNP-Parisbas Bank and President of the Foreign Trade Group of the Paris region, Ile-de-France.

Group work sessions

Mr. Collin du Bocage in his address emphasized the need for young managers to know not only English, the language of global trade, but also the way of thinking of their business partners. Thus, the cross cultural aspect of business is key, said Mr. Collin de Bocage.

During the week, the students in mixed groups of French and non-French students, will work on presenting a Power Point presentation and a business plan for a company of their choice or creation to begin operating in a new country.

As a result, they will be led to either find and follow a company or to create an entirely new one and to investigate a region of their choice from the viewpoints of fiscal advantages, trained work force availability, etc..

Thus, the students will investigate innovation in products and services, innovation in procedures, innovation in management, pedagogical innovation, company innovation concerning territories, and innovation among nations among other topics.

At the conclusion of the week, the students will present their business plan with a supporting Power Point document to the professors. A final selection will be made on the quality of innovation and likelihood of success of the venture to the jury.


International workshops week for partners

Development of new cross-cultural projects within the 2020 European Strategy: Innovation/Enterpreneurship and territories - Projects and best practices

Novancia is organizing an International Workshop Week and meetings for its partners. It will take place during the Intercultural Seminar dedicated to Innovation and territories

This week aims at:

  • Providing all participants with unique networking opportunities and exposure to Novancia european and international projects.
  • Sharing the best practices in international educational, scientific and economic cooperation projects
  • Bringing out new cross-cultural projects within the 2020 strategy

Overall organisation

  • 1 week of workshops (Education and Research) and imeetings open to teams : staff and faculty in charge of international projects development within the 2020 Strategy
  • Presentation and exchanges on new projects ready to be submitted as early as 2016-2017
  • Tuesday evening: networking dinner
  • Wednesday and Thursday: afternoon meetings and research workshop will also be open to faculty in charge of the intercultural seminar