International crowfunding projects

Within their course “Networks and E.Platforms for Entrepreneurial Development[1]” (Course leader Anna Glaser) the 15 students of the MSc in International Business & Consulting divided into 5 groups had to learn how to raise funds through crowdfunding, a new and innovative way to fund projects and charities (receiving and leveraging small contributions from many parties).

This approach of learning by doing will be useful for their own entrepreneurial future project as Business Developer. As of now, thank you to support them in their crowdfunding projects.

The students used the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to exhibit their projects.

Five projects

Yo Leo

“Join us in helping Univoluntarios raise funds to secure a mobile library that will serve children in a Colombia settlement community displaced by violence.”

Hope without Borders

“Three Novancia MSC students from Spain,Trinidad & Russia coming together to raise funds for a Redon charity with programs in Haiti, India, Benin and El Salvador;”

Angel of hope

“We are launching our campaign to raise essential funds to support the Halton Women’s Centre’s programs and services.”

Helping sick children

“We are raising money for The Monday Life, a charity that helps sick children during their stay in the hospital. This charity touches many lives, all over the US.

Meeting potes

“Meeting Potes is a student organization located in Paris, France. The group focuses on building friendships between new and current students. Please help us reach our goal so that we can provide the platform for friendships and fun times in the future!


[1]Networks and E.Platforms for Entrepreneurial Development

The concept of platforms and networks is at the heart of the most vibrant start-ups. The fact that we prefer to trust strangers and “e-friends” than brands or firms creates a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. As a result, this is creating a new set of concepts and novel ways of creating and developing businesses based on information systems, strategy and marketing. This module addresses these key elements in modern day business.