6 Negotiation Projects by the MSc students

5th Edition of the International Biennial of Negotiation, scientific conference : presentation of 6 Negotiation Projects by the MSc students Novancia Business School Paris - March 24, 2014.

Within their course “International Business Negotiation and Communication” (Course Leader: Patrick Germain-Thomas), the MSc students have prepared negotiation case studies , which were presented during the International Biennial of Negotiation. Six groups of students have worked on various topics:

  • The negotiation process around the Shell oil spills in the Bodo community, Nigeria;
  • The Kashmir conflict;
  • The National Hockey League Player’s Association (NHLPA) lockout;
  • The negotiation process for the sale of Valencia Football Club;
  • The “Good Friday” agreement, the Northern Ireland peace process;
  • Syrian civil war negotiation on the chemical weapon destruction.

The students had to undertake documentary research on the chosen cases and to analyze the available information in relation to several theoretical frameworks, which have been studied in course.
Their presentations were highly appreciated by the professional negotiators as well as the academic researchers who discussed the cases with them during the conference.
This is an ongoing project.