Novancia, created from the union of Advancia and Negocia

On 9th November 2011, Advancia and Negocia turned a new page with the inauguration of Novancia.

The two ‘Grandes Ecoles’ merged and became Novancia, at the same time capitalizing on their respective expertise in entrepreneurship and commerce.

Novancia: the ‘Grande Ecole’ for Business Developers

To do business today and survive in the national and international market, or rather, markets, companies must look to a new generation of managers who aren’t afraid of innovation: who know how to anticipate trends, keep a step ahead and be pragmatic and realistic.

That is Novancia’s educational mission: to train these future managers.

Creating the new brand

We ourselves applied an innovative approach when creating the new brand, and Novancia is the result of almost a year’s work carried out by the whole school. Everyone contributed to the project: the Board of Governors, management, the students, the faculty, the staff…

The shape of the school, its new identity, and its brand name were all the result of inter-departmental , innovative workshops. Once this task was done, work on the visual and sound logo, the graphic charter, the communication media and a new website was able to begin. A monumental task against the backdrop of the 9th November deadline, date of the new school’s inauguration.

The inauguration

The inauguration ceremony, attended by over 600 people under the auspices of Jean-Paul Huchon, President of the Ile-de-France (Greater Paris) Regional Council, and Pierre-Antoine Gailly, President of the CCI Paris Île-de-France, was indeed a memorable event.

It began with an opening speech from Jean-Paul Vermès, a member of the CCI Paris Île-de-France Bureau, who explained the reasoning behind the creation of Novancia. Philippe Houzé, Chairman of the Management Board of the Galeries Lafayette Group, then followed on with a detailed description of the different aspects of the new school.
Finally, the results of a survey of commercial and entrepreneurial careers were presented jointly by Anne Stefanini, Executive Director of Novancia, and professor-researchers Christophe Loué and David Martin.

All the guests then gathered in the Atrium to discover the new visual and sound logo of Novancia. One by one, the faces of the students, the faculty and staff brought the logo to life, a high point of the evening you can watch again and again.

Another high point of the ceremony was the speeches given by Pierre-Antoine Gailly and Jean-Paul Huchon, who then unveiled and signed a commemorative plaque. All this was captured in official photographs to mark the event.

The next event of the evening was the launch of the School’s new website:, followed by a preview of the new “video-clip of Novancia”, a sort of visual visiting card for students, giving them a fast-forward view of a typical year of study on a Grande Ecole programme.

The evening was brought to a close with a flashmob, created and performed by the students themselves to loud applause from the guests, who were delighted.

Those who were interested were then given a guided tour of the building, to discover its innovative, avant-garde architectural style..

All that’s left to say is: break out the champagne !!