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The articles

28 articles were published in 2014 in peer-reviewed journals.

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Published articles in Peer Reviewed Journals 2014




The works and chapters

The publication of academic works targeting the general public, professionals, as well as university and leading business school students, enables Novancia’s professor-researchers to reach a wide readership.

Focus on :

La théorie des parties prenantes - Auteur : Maria BONNAFOUS-BOUCHER (et Jacob DAHL RENTDORFF)

The stakeholder theory

The stakeholder notion is generally employed in order to designate an actor whose expectations are to be taken into account by public and private decision-makers. The stakeholders are from a company, other than shareholders, who have a link with its activity, either impacted on, or impacting on it. The reference to stakeholders refers to a conception of a company founded on a negotiated governance, where the maximization of the value for the shareholder is not the ultimate criterion. In this model, the stakes and interests of those who are not shareholders and investors are primordial for the company’s prosperity, over and above the ownership of capital. This book reflects the importance of this theory and attempts to have it recognized as a model which is both concrete and forward-looking of the company’s democracy, enabling the forming of the basis of a social contract within the framework of a global employee heritage capitalism model.



Publisher: La Découverte, Repères num. 627

Les indispensables Vuibert : Droit du travail - Auteur : Isabelle BEYNEIX

Vuibert’s essentials: Labor Law

The work offers a clear and synthetic approach to the basics of labor law (common core program in all management courses) with course reminders, an annotated MCQ, a case study and a court sentence analysis.


Author: Isabelle BEYNEIX

Publisher: Vuibert

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2014 Chapters of books
Liberalization of water services in Europe: the end of the French water exception? LUPTON, SYLVIE Globalized Water, a question of Governance 

Chapters of books 2014





Novancia’s professor-researchers presented 35 communications in peer-reviewed scientific colloquiums: these were distributed in the following way:

Summary of communications in 2014

Communications 2014




5th International Biennial on Negotiation

One of Novancia’s major scientific events

The International Biennial on Negotiation is a scientific colloquium created in 2003, which is anchored in Novancia’s strategic orientation in favour of research, which rhymes with innovation.

Placed under the topic of ethics and CSR, the International Biennial on Negotiation is one of the colloquiums which encourages interdisciplinarity.

For the 5th Biennial, held on 24 and 25 March 2014, the wealth and variety of communications was striking. This result was due to the eminent quality of the speakers featuring researchers, practitioners, company directors and diplomats, who discussed issues over the two days, with negotiation being the common link. The conceptual elasticity, or rather the ubiquity of negotiation as a course, enhanced such diversity.

Professor-researcher, coordinator of 5th International Biennial on Negotiation.

About the 5th International Biennial on Negotiation




Research seminars in 2014

Business ethics: cross-fertilization in social sciences

The research seminar “Business ethics”, organized on 9 April 2014, favored a meeting and exchanges between researchers from various French and Swiss universities.

At the close of this seminar a special issue (grouping the papers and reports from each article) was published in the Ethique et Economique review, available online -[FR]

About the research seminar “Business ethics”,




Companies relying on research

Novancia places the corporate world at the heart of research.

The Galeries Lafayette Chair “The future of shopping

Since January 2013, when the ‘Groupe Galeries Lafayette - Novancia’ Chair began - several projects have been undertaken, under the supervision of Sandrine Medioni[1].

In 2014, the ‘Groupe Galeries Lafayette’ showed its interest in the concept of “consumer proximity”. Following the presentation by Alexandre Aubry and Virginie Blanchard, of the ‘Groupe Galeries Lafayette’, on its different types of clients and in the framework of “consumer behavior”, our first year Master’s students worked on the following subject: “What digital tools can impact on Galeries Lafayette’s consumer proximity and loyalty? Which ones would you recommend and for whom?
Presented before an examining board of two Galeries Lafayette managers and Sandrine Medioni, the results enabled the highlighting of technological innovations in the stores, linked with new features on the site.

[1] Professor-researcher at Novancia

L’Oréal - l’International Research College for Sales Management pursues its work

Within the framework of the partnership, and between L’Oréal, through the intermediary of its division of professional products (DPP) and Novancia Business School Paris, the work this year, piloted by Paul Lapoule[1], concerned “the digital impact on the role and management of sales forces: the case of professional beauty.”

The multi-channel boom makes it a crucial necessity for managers to search out a coherency, if not a convergence of the channels, the deployment of an omni-channel in order to prevent any form of cannibalization. This implies a refocusing on clients and considering a move from prioritizing direct sales to professional clients (sell-in) to the end-user (sell-out).

[1] Professor-researcher at Novancia



The CCI Paris Île-de-France invests in research

The transversal chair in entrepreneurship and innovation

Novancia’s professor-researchers, alongside their counterparts in the CCI Paris Île-de-France have been highly involved in certain projects of the transversal chair in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Project title Partner establishments Project initiators
Non-financial added value
  • Novancia
  • ESCP Europe
Jean-Louis PARE (Novancia), Jean REDIS (ESIEE), Frédéric DEMERENS (ESCP Europe)
Qualité de l’information financière des jeunes firmes innovantes et à forte croissance : How do innovative start-ups cook the figures?
  • Novancia
  • ESCP Europe
Jean-Louis PARE (Novancia), Jean REDIS (ESIEE), Frédéric DEMERENS (ESCP Europe), Paul ANDRE (ESSEC)
Sustainability and Competitiveness for Nanotechnologies in France 
  • Novancia
  • ESCP Europe
Claire AUPLAT (Novancia) et Régis CŒURDEROY (ESCP Europe)
  • Novancia 
  • ESCP Europe
Caroline VERZAT (Novancia) et François FOURCADE (ESCP Europe)
The Role of Management Control Systems in a Rapidly Growing Firm
  • ESCP Europe
  • Novancia
Fabien DE GEUSER (ESCP Europe), Eric Michel LAVIOLETTE (Novancia), Robert SHELDON (Novancia)



Novancia pursues its work in Labex SERENADE through the NEIS Chair

The NEIS Chair, initiated by Claire Auplat[1], is financed by LABEX SERENADE[a] and is housed in Novancia Business School. The chair’s mission is to contribute to the development of two LABEX SERENADE branches within the framework of Novancia Business School’s educational project: a research branch concerning the strategies of development of nanomaterial-based products with a view to sustainable development and a training branch enabling the creation of a training program for a new generation of scientists and professionals working in connexion with nanotechnologies.

These two branches have allowed the implementation of initiatives which strengthened Novancia’s action in the field of business development of areas linked with eco-conception and strategic management of innovation.

[1] Professor-researcher at Novancia



The professor-researchers

38 professor-researchers and two postgraduates are involved in Novancia’s research department.


Authorization to Direct Research
(HDR - Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches)
  • Éric-Michaël LAVIOLETTE
    HDR - Doctorate in Business Management
    « Essaimage, accompagnement et écosystème entrepreneurial : du co-preneuriat à l’inter-preneuriat »
    HDR defended on 3rd Februar 2014 at ISEM (University of Montpellier - France).

Doctoral theses defended in 2014
  • Marie-Cécile DRAIN
    Doctorate in Management Sciences
    « Désalignement des usages du système d’information dans la création et la propagation des difficultés au sein des PME : le cas du secteur agro-alimentaire. »
    Doctoral thesis defended on 21st January 2014 at CNAM (Paris - France).
  • Laurence LEMMET
    Doctorate in Civil Law
    « Les modes amiables de règlement des différends commerciaux internes et internaux : des figures contractuelles renouvelées ? »
    Doctoral thesis defended on 24th March 2014 at Caen Basse-Normandie University (Caen - France).
  • Éric SOTTO
    Doctorate in Information and Communication Sciences
    « Les nouvelles formes de participation dans les forums publics de consommateurs : vers un dispositif de co-innovation. »
    Doctoral thesis defended on 2nd September 2014 at CNAM (Paris - France).
  • Anna GLASER
    Doctorate in Management Sciences
    « La mise en œuvre des politique de cluster : dilemmes organisationnels, pathologie et évaluation. Le cas d’un pôle de compétitivité français. »
    Doctoral thesis defended on 16th December 2014 at MINES ParisTech (Paris - France).