The Bachelor programme of Novancia

The Bachelor programme of Novancia is centred around 5 learning goals, comprising the acquisition of both general and management-specific knowledge and skills. They are as follows:

  • Have a global understanding of key issues confronting corporate development from regional to international levels
  • Collect, process and analyse information effectively in order to acquire problem-solving skills
  • Discover and develop personal traits and characteristics to nurture ethically-based professional behaviour
  • Acquire the core aspects of management theory and practice in finance, marketing, negotiation and entrepreneurship
  • Learn to be autonomous, ethically aware and committed in accordance with Paris Chamber of Commerce values

The pedagogical approach of the programme is based on the following 5 key levers:


  • The importance of teaching students how to behave responsibly and ethically in the business world
  • The teaching of individual and group work methodologies
  • The internationalisation of the programme, an increased cultural and world awareness (helped by the inclusion of international students on the courses during the 4th, 5th and 6th semesters)
  • The emphasis placed on the personalised support and guidance given to the students
  •  An action-oriented and project-based learning approach

The programme consolidates and builds on the skills and know-how of the two schools, Advancia and Négocia. It prepares students for entry onto the Master programme of Novancia, and represents the first stage of the Grande École programme. It provides students with a better understanding of the world as a whole, enables them to apprehend the business world and the core principles of management, and equips them with a systematic, structured approach to today’s business environment.

It represents a key phase in the development of a student’s personal and professional project and enables her/him to identify the areas of specialisation he/she will choose on the Master programme (specialisation track) through optional courses on management, marketing and commerce, international business and entrepreneurship.


By the end of the 3-year programme…

… students will:

  • have gained valuable insight into regional and international issues and those of the contemporary world,
  • be able to manage information in a critical way and consolidate and build on a systematic approach
  • have consolidated, developed and enhanced their personal and professional identity (through communication activities, teamwork, the adoption of leadership roles and an entrepreneurial mindset),
  • have acquired the core principles of management and a sense of autonomy and commitment