The MSc in International Business Development & Consulting (IBD&C)

A specialization to help you become an International Business Expert

Two profiles of International Business Experts: these profiles can be found in both companies and institutional bodies.

Business Front-Liners

Business Developers who develop the growth and management of international companies on site.

Job profile:
International Business Developers

Develop and implement the internationalisation of large and medium-sized companies through market research, business modelling and planning, networking the activity and partnership development.

Business Back-Liners

Business Consultants who advise and support business internationalisation.

Job profile:
International Business Consultants

These are experts in the crucial stages of international business development and advise entrepreneurs who are in the process of designing their international strategy.
Experts also intervene before, during and after change management initiatives.


By combining pedagogy in international business and entrepreneurship our specialization is designed to help you become that rare breed of manager who has both the top rate analytical skills and the creative wherewithal to bring projects to fruition in the international arena.


Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to examine the strategies of entrepreneurial companies abroad in order to design and implement effective internationalisation processes in new and existing businesses.
  • Capacity to make consulting proposals, to implement consulting projects in an international context and create a distinctive consultancy approach.
  • Effective negotiating and communication skills in relation to the various stakeholders in an international business environment.