The changes in legal infrastructure: empirical analysis of the status and dynamics influencing the development of collaborative law around the world

  • Professor
    Cecchi-Dimeglio, Pr Paola
    Harvard University, USA


Around the world, the legal profession is undergoing unprecedented changes at the structural, operational and infrastructural levels. To meet the challenges of these changes, lawyers are adopting a set of innovative practices. The growth and implementation of these practices depends for an important part on lawyers’ perception of these new practices. As advisers they play a pivotal role in guiding clients to use certain kinds of dispute resolution forms. Nonetheless,the perceptions of innovative practitioners have not yet been explored in much detail.

This study is a step forward in filling the gap. For the purpose of analyzing. The perception of innovative practitioners. And the environment in which they operate, we used collaborative law as a case study. In this study, we surveyed 226.


Lawyer, Empirical Analysis,Innovative Practice,Collaborative Law, Alternative

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