Team negotiations

  • PhD
    Swaab, Dr Roderick
    INSEAD, France
    Organisational Behaviour


The present research examined how intra- and inter-team discussions prior to negotiations affect negotiation processes and outcomes. A Pilot Study showed that intra-team discussions motivate negotiators to understand the underlying interests more deeply (i.e. epistemic motivation), whereas inter-team discussions foster a greater concern for the counterpart (i.e. prosocial motivation). Experiment 1 showed that teams, independent of their power, achieved greater economic and social outcomes when they engaged in intra- and inter-team discussions instead of just one discussion format or none at all. In a multiparty setting, Experiment 2 showed why: intra-team discussions resulted in greater economic outcomes because they increased negotiators’ understanding of the underlying interests, whereas inter-team discussions improved social outcomes because they encouraged cooperative behaviour. Experiment 3 examined the order in which both discussion formats are administered and found that an intra-team discussion, followed by an inter-team discussion resulted in better economic and social outcomes than a reverse order because it established greater alignment between negotiating teams.


Team Negotiation, Alignment, Motivated Information Processing

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