The Master programme of Novancia

Presentation of the Master Programme

The Master programme of Novancia is centred around 5 learning goals, comprising the acquisition of both general and management-specific knowledge and skills. They are as follows:

  • Have a global perspective on key issues in the fields of management
  • Develop, organise and manage innovative multi-dimensional projects at the industry sector, territory, and /or international level
  • Develop and demonstrate professional expertise in the fields of commerce and entrepreneurship
  • Demonstrate responsible and ethical professional behaviour sensitive to societal and environmental challenges
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and effectively solve complex problems in different environments, by applying an analytical and conceptual approach.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Master in Business Development by Campus-Channel

The pedagogical approach of the programme is based on the following 5 key levers:

  • The highly specialised academic content based on a solid core of business development principles, leading to a thorough knowledge and understanding of economic, financial, legal, environmental and international business issues.
  • The importance of teaching students appropriate analysis and research skills (through seminars on research methodology and the preparation of a research thesis spanning the two-year programme) as well as strategic thinking skills.
  • The business-specific content of the programme, demonstrated through the teaching of 4 specialisation tracks:
    • Entrepreneurship & development of innovative activities
    • Sales development & purchasing
    • Marketing - Communication & digital media
    • International Business Development
  • An increased international focus, underlined by:
    • The strong international dimension of the core teaching and specialisation tracks,
    • The academic partnerships with universities and business schools throughout the world: student expatriation (study periods with foreign universities or internships), the welcoming of international students.
  • An active pedagogical approach combining conceptualisation and practical application and placing specific emphasis on project management, providing the link between the different areas of knowledge acquired and encouraging cross-disciplinarity.

Natalia SEMKO - Master in Management 2014

The programme prepares future graduates who are able to:

  • Show specific expertise in entrepreneurship and commerce,
  • Set up their own company or significantly contribute to corporate development on a regional, national or international level,
  • Be experts and dynamic players in business development,
  • Be managers, developers and entrepreneurs able to combine and apply strategic, managerial, entrepreneurial and commercial skills and expertise in their business field.


By the end of the 2-year programme…

… the future graduate will:

  • be ready to embark on a professional career with potential to evolve and adapt, as well as the capacity to develop businesses at a regional, national and international level,
  • have gained a thorough knowledge and understanding of the corporate economic environment and the challenges of internationalisation,
  • have acquired skills and expertise in strategy, management and interculturel awareness as well as a clear ethical stance in relation to the world of business,
  • have a clearly defined professional project and be firmly committed to a specific professional sector.