Mission statement

The mission

Management education dedicated to Business Development

Novancia Business School trains a new generation of dynamic managers who excel in business development, thus demonstrating its sustained commitment to the economic expansion of the Paris region.

We recruit enthusiastic, forward-looking young people from diverse backgrounds for our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, who share our core values of boldness, openness and engagement with the world.

These students are then given the capability and means to chart their own career paths. Our faculty combine theoretical teaching with an emphasis on practical application, providing students with a variety of effective learning pathways that take them out of the classroom and into enterprises via traineeships, in France as well as overseas, via one of our many foreign partner schools. Armed with new skills, experience and knowledge, our graduates are ready to seize opportunities, undertake innovative activities, conquer new markets, and succeed in high-growth businesses and industries.

Our expertise is rooted in the professionalism and innovative approaches of our teaching and research faculty. It is extended by the close links we have to the business community, and it is reflected in a research policy that is committed to the continuous development of knowledge and practice in entrepreneurship and commerce.

Both our research and academic programmes gain additional strength and support from our status as a member school of the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a pre-eminent force in the creation and development of businesses in the Paris region.

Our values

  • Daring: to take up a challenge, to create, to develop
  • Openness: to know how to listen and build relationships with others
  • Commitment: to behave responsibly when faced with today’s social, ethical and environmental challenges