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International Week for students & partners

For the third time, Novancia is organizing an intercultural seminar to be held in the framework of its Bachelor programme from 2nd to 6th February 2015 at its location in Montparnasse. An international workshop for Novancia’s partners will also take place during this seminar.

Students’ Intercultural Seminar

This programme aims at providing an interculturally oriented introduction to Spring Semester for Bachelor students from Novancia and its partner universities.

The main objective of this Intercultural Workshop is to build awareness of intercultural competency, thus enabling learners to become operational in a global environment.


  • Discover the importance of Intercultural Communication
  • Use various intercultural concepts actively in order to set up their Intercultural action plan
  • Work in a multi-cultural team and get results
  • Share information and guarantee a good communication flow whilst working on their project
  • Use the English language as a communication tool to get their message across
  • Make a clear & persuasive oral presentation in English
  • Set up an intercultural strategy with their team in order to capitalize and/or expand the network of International partners thanks to the implementation of their intercultural communication action plan

Focus 2015: How Interculturally Savvy companies break into new markets.

Students’ project:
Intercultural Management/National/Cultural differences: the importance of Interculturally Savvy management in order to expand or break into new markets”


Group work sessions

In an increasingly global world, companies need to implement innovative strategies and procedures in order to deal with cross cultural obstacles. The growing necessity for effective intercultural communication can be found in various aspects of business. Intercultural understanding and competency is a MUST if a company wants to expand, set up internationally or break into new markets.

Teachers will place students in culturally diverse teams. Building on the above statements, each team will set up an Intercultural Action Plan, in order to, enable a foreign company of its choice to expand and / or set up in France. This action plan should analyse the current situation and make suggestions on what and how to implement an Interculturally Savvy Plan. The team is to make a 10-minute oral presentation in order to convince shareholders to implement the Intercultural Action Plan, the changes, it has decided.

Group coordinator and International Facilitator will coach students while they work on their project. Learners will do research on Interculture and the foreign company they have chosen.


  • Learning goals:
    • Collect, process and manage information effectively
    • Be autonomous in one’s work, constantly forging a solid professional and personal identity


International workshops for partners

International workshops for Novancia’s partners will take place during this third edition of the intercultural seminar.

These workshops aim at providing all participants with unique networking opportunities and exposure to Novancia european and international projects and sharing the best practices in international educational, scientifix and business development projects.

Focus 2015 & Overall organisation

Development of new cross-cultural projects within the 2020 European Strategy: innovation and best practices.

  • 1 week of workshops open to staff and faculty in charge of international projects development within the 2020 strategy
  • Presentation and exchanges on new projects ready to be submitted as early as 2015
  • Networking dinner