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Crowdfunding projects by MSc students

Within their course “Networks and Platforms for Business Development[1]” (Course leader Anna Glaser) the 25 MSc students divided into 5 groups had to learn how to raise funds through crowdfunding, a new and innovative way to fund projects and charities (receiving and leveraging small contributions from many parties).

This approach of learning by doing will be useful for their own entrepreneurial future project as Business Developer. As of now, thank you to support them in their crowdfunding projects.

The students used the crowdfunding platforms Generosity, Indiegogo and Growdrise to exhibit their projects.

2017 - Four projects

- Tribe + Glory - Empowering Women In Uganda

- Change their water

- Art beats cancer

- Reaction Tour Uganda

2016 - Five projects

Let’s Fight Childhood Cancer Together

Today, many children in Honduras do not have access to treatment because of their limited resources. "La Fundación Hondureña para el Niño con Cáncer" is an organization that strives to eliminate these economic barriers.
For these reasons, this campaign came to light, to raise money in order to cover the costs of medicine for children bravely battling cancer. YOU can make a difference by this small act of kindness and save a life of someone’s child, sister or brother.

Children with Cancer

Childhood cancer is a fact; a reality. A child with cancer particularly affects their family, as well as their social environment.
If you provide us with 20€ each, we can either organise activities for one child or book a session with a psychological specialist. we have decided to care about this issue and to help these children.
The more money we raise, the more children with cancer we can help. The money will go to an association called Aspanion. 


First Aid For Refugees

With the recent events, we truly wanted to make a difference and contribute to help Refugees.
We contacted an association already established in Paris: "La Mie de Pain". Created in 1891, it provides help to people who need it. Since now, the association already helped 130 refugees and we hope way much more in the future.
Our goal is to raise 1000$ in order to support "La Mie de Pain" in their daily routine. With this amount, the association could help 60 refugees for a period of 2 days (including accommodation, dishes, first aid cares...).

Run for Raquel

Run for Raquel

Raquel is a lovely, angelic 4 1/2 year old girl. When she was born, she was perfect! She showed no signs of having any type of difficulties, delays or health issues. When she was 16 months old she began to show signs of regression.
She began losing skills. Things she was able to do, and do well, suddenly she stopped doing them. One of the skills she lost, was speech. She lost the ability to talk.
We want to give Raquel a VOICE.
Our project goal is to raise $1,000 by the 15th of May 2016 to be used towards an eye gaze communication device for her.


Support Displaced Children

We will be raising money for this project on behalf of the Assisting Caring and Empowering (ACE) Charity, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to provide education, literacy skills and training to Nigerian children and youths.
And whose core values are collective empowerment, transparency, local outreach and service beyond self. Their overall goal is to effectively increase the literacy level of over 6,000 Africans by 2017.
However, the project we are raising money for is to help towards the cost of building a library in the region of Abuja.


[1]Networks and Platforms for Business Development

The concept of platforms and networks is at the heart of the most vibrant start-ups. The fact that we prefer to trust strangers and “e-friends” than brands or firms creates a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. As a result, this is creating a new set of concepts and novel ways of creating and developing businesses based on information systems, strategy and marketing. This module addresses these key elements in modern day business.