The Innovative Youth Incubator Awards (ICIE 2016)

Novancia’s Student Entrepreneurs Club one of 10 finalists of “The Innovative Youth Incubator Awards*”

Idée et plannifcation © KostaKostov/Fotolia/CCIR Paris Île-de-FranceNovancia’s Student Entrepreneurs Club has presented a project about the issue of peer mentoring. This project is steered by Éric de Mouhy de Sornay (Master 2 student – Entrepreneurship & development of innovative activities specialization track) and coached by Caroline Verzat and Anna Glaser, professor-researchers at Novancia.

Éric will represent the Student Entrepreneurs Club in Toronto, on 28th and 29th April, in front of an international arena: an excellent example of innovation defending the colours of the School. Congratulations to the entire team!

The peer mentoring programme

Eric de Mouhy de SornayIn 2014, the Student Entrepreneurs Club of Novancia Business School in Paris decided to launch a program called “CEE Accompagnement” (or peer mentoring programme). The objective of the “CEE Accompagnement” is to provide a structured mentoring programme, orchestrated completely by students for students where professors are only available as external advisors when needed. The “CEE Accompagnement” team’s major goal is to transform their peer’s ideas into realistic entrepreneurial projects. The student mentors for example help their peers to formalize ideas, to move forward in a project already started, to consolidate an advanced project or to connect with missing partners.
Éric de Mouhy de Sornay, project leader

*The Innovative Youth Incubator Awards

Many universities across the world encourage entrepreneurship in ways that range from educational programs to the operation of incubators to support the actual launch of new businesses. While many of these incubators focus on the launch of businesses to support the work of faculty and university research centres, others focus more on how to help young entrepreneurs.

As the development of young entrepreneurs is receiving much greater attention across the world the International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICIE) has launched “The Innovative Youth Incubator Awards”, a competition to showcase novel and innovative institutional incubators and similar initiatives that focus on the development of young entrepreneurs.

International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship