Five international crowdfunding projects

Within their course “Networks and Platforms for Business Development[1]” (Course leader Anna Glaser) the 18 students of the MSc in International Business & Consulting divided into 5 groups had to learn how to raise funds through crowdfunding, a new and innovative way to fund projects and charities (receiving and leveraging small contributions from many parties).

This approach of learning by doing will be useful for their own entrepreneurial future project as Business Developer. As of now, thank you to support them in their crowdfunding projects.

The students used the crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo and Gofundme to exhibit their projects.

Five projects

Clowns Without Borders

We believe that Clowns Without Borders works for a nobel cause and helps bring happiness to many children who are spending their age in refugee camps due to the political differences between countries.

We need your monetary contribution to help serve the populations that have endured pain, poverty and psychological stress due to their environment.

With your help CWB can help spread more smiles across borders and generate a positive spirit among them.

Smile Novancia 2015

Because Every Child Deserves To Smile.
In South Africa today, many children are born without the ability to smile. Some are born with birth deformities preventing them from smiling and even breathing normally.
Why not spend as little as $1 making a difference in someone’s life? If you could please just take a moment to consider how that $1 dollar could make a huge difference to a child. Perhaps to you that $1 is a coffee or a beer, but to a child it is hope that he/she is also one day able to smile.

Orangutan Rescue

We have come together because we believe that the protection of orangutans in Indonesia is key to the survival of the species in the region.

As a result, we would like your help to raise $1000 for the organization, so that they can buy medicine and vaccinations for orangutans they rescue.

In turn, every donation that you make, whether large or small, will help us to give back to International Animal Rescue.

A Second Chance After Crisis

Friedensdorf International is an organization whose sole purpose is to help innocent children from war stricken and crisis areas around the world.
They provide medical assistance to sick and wounded children who cannot be helped in their native countries (who are then treated in Europe), Improve local medical facilities in conflict areas and Educate children in social issues and conflict resolution so they can one day go back to their countries and be ambassadors. 

Aman Sports

Today there are over 180 million people living in Pakistan and of that population an estimated 23% people live below the poverty line. 10% of the world’s child deaths under the age of 5 years are in Pakistan, with only 3 in 5 children attending primary school. 50% score below average on assessment tests. Having said that Pakistan still ranks as 81st happiest country in the world, so all is not lost.


[1]Networks and Platforms for Business Development

The concept of platforms and networks is at the heart of the most vibrant start-ups. The fact that we prefer to trust strangers and “e-friends” than brands or firms creates a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. As a result, this is creating a new set of concepts and novel ways of creating and developing businesses based on information systems, strategy and marketing. This module addresses these key elements in modern day business.