Project-based learning

Project management lies at the very heart of the educational approach at Novancia, and is applied throughout its programmes.

Whether through the use of real or fictitious case studies based on the creation or takeover of companies, business development projects, business games or association development projects, our future entrepreneurial managers are encouraged to develop initiative-taking skills, a sense of responsibility and a taste for creativity.
The projects are awarded ECTS credits and count towards obtaining the degree.

Master programme

Expand your skills portfolio by broadening your strategic vision and international stance!

Students on the Master programme undertake one major academic project each year as well as additional projects linked to their specialisation tracks.

First year - Mastery

Carry out a global company diagnosis


Learning goals

  • Design, implement and manage a team project to address the needs of one or more corporate sponsors
  • Establish your role within a project team

The projects

Through working on a project linking strategy and innovation, each first-year student on the Master programme learns to perform corporate strategy diagnostics. These team projects enable students to explore and master the managerial, strategic, entrepreneurial and commercial aspects of their future profession.

Second year – Expertise

Open new international markets


Learning goals

  • Develop complex projects with a strong intercultural and international
  • Assess project team skills

The projects

In the second year of the Master programme each student gains experience of product or service launches on international markets together with skills for carrying out a target market analysis, choosing a local partner, defining a location strategy and dealing with problems of profitability. The best project is presented at the « International Grand Prix » organised by the Hauts-de-Seine Foreign Trade Board.

Companies entrust you with their projects

Get involved in responsible management with Starbucks Coffee, tackle a strategic marketing problem for Galeries Lafayette or show how creative you can be in the L’Oréal Challenge. These are just some of the many projects undertaken by Novancia students, who take full advantage of the special relationship the school enjoys with the business community.