Research Design & Policy

Novancia Business School Paris: a school at the service of companies

Novancia Business School Paris, a leading business school in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris in the Île-de-France, is deeply committed alongside companies with the aim of developing and innovating, both in the fields of education and research.

Christophe Loué

In order to meet companies’ expectations and needs, the research policy both supports and develops scientific works aiming at identifying, analyzing, enriching and competing in the knowledge and know-how transfer linked with Business Development.

The chairs developed within the school (Galeries Lafayette, cross-disciplinary CCIR Chair in entrepreneurship / innovation and the NEIS du Labex SERENADE[1] Chair) are determining factors in the enhancing of research projects with companies. Invested and committed to this global approach, professor-researchers are also invited to become members of clusters of competitiveness and of professional scientific advisory bodies.

Christophe Loué,
Research Coordinator at Novancia

[1]Chaire NEIS du Labex SERENADE : Chaire Nanotechnologies, Ecodesign, Innovation and Strategy du Laboratoire d’Excellence Safer Ecodesign Research and Education applied to NAnomaterial Development :


Multidisciplinary research

Multidisciplinary, the research policy is based on real synergies in combining complimentary fields such as marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, management, law, economy, commerce and negotiation.

The research strategy aims at fertilizing these fields, contributing to enriching the reflection on Business Development.

The research thus appears as a teaching support whose ultimate aim is to prepare our students for the various jobs of Business Development: entrepreneurs, business developers, sales directors, and community managers, amongst others.

Business Development careers [FR]

International scientific partners

Novancia Business School Paris favors and supports the development of international partnerships and research.

These research partnerships are undertaken with international universities, research centers and researchers.

In addition, the school encourages the involvement of professor-researchers in international scientific committees and multicultural research teams.

The research policy is in tune with the school’s mission

Business Development Centers, the areas of research are established in harmony with the school’s mission and respecting its values: “Daring, Openness and Commitment”.

The organization of research teams (including business ethics, negotiation, international business communication, commercial marketing and open innovation) enables professor-researchers to join forces in ways conducive to stimulating their research projects.

Through these research teams, professor-researchers have strengthened their internal and external academic and scientific ties in order to contribute to new research projects.

Research aras


Research and education: an indissoluble bond!

At Novancia, research is committed to serving education.

The professor-researchers participate actively in the innovation process of teaching programs, train students in research methodology, and supervise their work.

This strong bond between research and education favors the transfer of best practices and impacts on the professional lives of our students’, tomorrow’s Business Developers.

Numerous quality publications

Professor-researchers focus their efforts on publishing articles in Peer Reviewed Journals[2] (PRJ), ranked FNEGE and AERES (particularly in the economy-management list), as well as in the writing of teaching case studies and academic works.

Growth of number of articles published in the PRJs (peer-reviewed literature) from 2010 - 2014








Articles in the PRJs







The articles can also be divided into a specific typology (AIS, BDS and TLS[3]), in reference to the AACSB international accreditation process.

This typology enables the highlighting of the preponderance of applied research of practical relevance (AIS).
Distribution of intellectual contributions by type, from 2010 to 2014

What is a “Peer Reviewed Journal”?

[2]A Peer Reviewed Journal is a review which publishes articles submitted for a double-blind peer evaluation (scientific peer review).

[3]Classification of the PRJs according to the AACSB international accreditation.

  • AIS: Applied or Integrative /application Scholarship – Recherche appliquée
  • TLS: Teaching and Learning Scholarship – Études de cas et supports à l’enseignement
  • BDS: Basic or Discovery Scholarship – Recherche fondamentale