Support the project Student Lifebook

Antoine Robelin and Aymard de Ravignan, 3rd year bachelor students, are participating in the competition “500 000 et moi”, organized by “CCI – Entreprendre en France”. They invite you to discover and support their project “Student Lifebook”.

Presentation of the project Student Lifebook

The Student Lifebook is a yearbook directed at about two million Parisian students.

It contains insider tips on going out in the evening as well as information about cultural events. Furthermore, it gives you information on how to deal with and simplify the sometimes complicated administration processes which are part of daily life in Paris. You can also find all this information on the web page or on various social networks.

We met Antoine Robelin and Aymard Ravignan, the founders of the Student Lifebook in Paris. They gave us 10 reasons why you should support and vote for their project.

Ten reasons why you should vote for the Student Lifebook

1. Information is “first-hand”

The concept is “by students for students”.
This means all information given in the Student Lifebook about going out and organizing your studies in Paris comes from other students.

2. It will make life as a student in Paris easier and more fun

You can find a huge variety of information in the Student Lifebook.

  • Its 400 pages give you all the information you need about bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, cinemas, concerts, salons and other events.
  • A further 50 pages give you all the practical information you need to know as a student in Paris.

3. It’s free

Beginning September 2013 you can get one of the 200 000 copies of the Student Lifebook in every BDE in Paris for FREE.

4. It’s international

Antoine and Aymard told us that there is a lot of information about ERASMUS in the Student Lifebook and also lots of practical information given in English for all the international students coming to Paris.

5. Everything is online

The Student Lifebook is supported by a Website and by different social networks to keep you on track with all the events.

6. It makes parties even more fun

The Student Lifebook team plans to organize big parties by working together with many BDEs from different schools and universities in Paris.

7. It’s innovative and creative

Each student can vote for favorite bars on the website by giving them points or posting comments about them.
Furthermore the Student Lifebook team plans to develop a Smartphone app so you can always have your Student Lifebook in your pocket.

8. It’s just “different”

The Student Lifebook provides students not just with the information we need, like a traditional guide, but also with the information we actually want to have since it’s put together by students for students.

9. It’s a competitive Project

The Student Lifebook is in the top 3 in the regional stage of the competition “500 000etmoi” and the team is very confident.

10. The team of Student Lifebook needs YOUR support and YOUR vote

Support the project

The team of Student Lifebook

The competition “500 000 et moi”

The purpose of this competition, organized by “CCI – Entreprendre en France”, is to reward four projects aiming to create or to take over a business..

To be able to participate applicants must have a project or a have set up their own business which has been running for at least three years, and must register on between the 1st October and the 1st December 2012.

Once registration is confirmed, a video is published online which enables the candidates to briefly present their project and, at the same time, lets supporters vote for their preferred candidates.

The number of votes received determines the first regional selection.

The projects of the regional nominees are then assessed by a jury composed of entrepreneurs, journalists and CCI representatives who choose the 4 regional winners. Each winner receives a cheque for €4,000.